We are a company specialized in supplying textiles for hotels.
We build our products according to our values.
With the knowledge and experience of over 18 years, we pride ourselves on offering the best services to the best customers.

In our logistics center we store ready to deliver a wide variety of terry, bathrobes and slippers. All these items can be embroidered.

We can produce as per customer specification various weights, with single or twisted yarn qualities, plain or with custom logos or designs.


Our collection of table linen offers a wide variety of compositions, designs and colours suitable for intensive washing and easy maintenance.

We aim to introduce new fabrics in accordance with the needs of the markets where we operate.


Our fabrics use a wide range of raw materials, selected and controlled so that we can offer our customers the best options, from traditional cotton, long and extra-long staple cottons to the polyester / cotton blends.

The constructions used, some developed by us and used exclusively, allow us to present the most appropriate solutions for each situation.

Do you know...

... 'Indanthrene treatment' is not a treatment?

Indeed Indanthrene refers to a brand of anthraquinone type dyes, having been first patented in 1901.

These products are used to give color to cotton textiles.

They are one of the first types of synthetic dyes produced, have a limited color range, but an unbeatable chlorine washing fastness.

... the name Space Shuttle

is the designation of a critical piece of a loom responsible for integration of horizontal yarns in the fabric.

... cotton once was the house's air condtioning?

Much has been made ​​over times to make the interior environment more comfortable.

Before air conditioning was invented, which helped solve the problems of of excess heat, people used to wear white cotton covers on the furniture to make the room cooler.

... there are four species of cotton?

- Gossypium hirsutum upland type, native to the Caribbean and the most cultivated. 

- Gossypium barbadense with long or extra long fiber length, native to South America and known as Egyptian cotton. 

- Gossypium arboreum native of Pakistan and India. 

- Gossypium herbaceum native of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

... helicopter rotors are made of fabric?

True, layers of fabric with hardened resins are the material of the most aeronautical parts, from fuselages to wings.

Without forgetting the cushions and blankets that help passenger comfort.